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Giorgina Cantalini

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Giorgina has been involved in acting and drama teaching from 1996.

Since 2011 she is Tutor for the first year of the Three-year course Cinema, Television and New Media at the school «Milano Scuola di Cinema e Televisione» (Cinema Department of Scuole Civiche Fondazione Milano) and Head of Extracurricular Courses at «Milano Teatro Scuola Paolo Grassi» (Theatre Department of Scuole Civiche Fondazione Milano) in Milan.

She was Director of Innovation & Developmentat at «Milano Teatro Scuola Paolo Grassi» in Milan from 2009 to 2011.

«Milano Teatro Scuola Paolo Grassi» is one of the major public Drama School in Italy. as well as «Milano Scuola di Cinema e Televisione» is one of the most renown school of Cinema in Italy, both taking place in Milan and parts of the same Foundation called «Fondazione Milano Scuole Civiche».

She founded in 1998 «International Acting School Rome» of which she was the Head from 1996 to 2010, and the Cultural Association «International Acting Society», specializing in Drama Teaching of which she is the Director.

The «International Acting School Rome» aimed to give a complete training for aspiring actors and to organize workshops with artists of international renown as on going study for professionals. The«International Acting Society» is active in theatre teaching in schools, didactic research and projects (e.g. for the Municipal Area XVI and the Province of Rome).

She graduated in 1987 as Actress (first level degree), at the Italian National Drama School «Silvio D’Amico».

She graduated in 2003 with a second level degree, the equivalent of a Master, in ‘Drama Teaching and Pedagogy’, at the Italian National Drama School «Silvio D’Amico» (acceptance to the course was through an exam and qualification points system).

She graduated in 2008 in Linguistics (first level degree BA) with a thesis on Phonology of the Intonation (maximum mark and honours).

She graduated in 2011 in Linguistics (second level degree MA) with a thesis on Reported speech (maximum mark and honours).

As Head and teacher of the International Acting School Rome she was responsible for:

  • Teaching acting, elocution dramaturgy of action, the didactic planning of the Two Years Course in professional actor training with the qualification of Actor level 2, authorized by the Regional Government of Lazio and the Province of Rome.
  • The weekly workshop of Stanislavkij-Strasberg’s System and Method training for apprentice and professional actors.

Responsibilities as International Acting Society Association director:

  • ‘Theatre workshop’, in primary school Scuola Elementare e Media «Istituto Comprensivo Via XX Settembre», Monterotondo RM.
  • ‘Cantieri’ Project 2002/03 Municipio XVI, middle school workshop «Via Vanni», Roma.
  • Shakespeare’s project, ‘A school for theatre’ (Provincia di Roma) 2003/2004, Liceo Classico e Linguistico «G.V. CATULLO», Monterotondo (RM).
  • ‘Theatre storytelling’ Project (Provincia di Roma) 2003/2004, in the high school «Labriola», Ostia RM.
  • ‘Cantieri’ Project 2003/04 Municipality XVI, refresher course for primary school and kindergarten teachers on the link between games and fairytale telling to develop acting skills in children: title- ‘From Hide and Seek to Tom Thumb’.
  • Refresher course for teachers authorized by the Lazio government board of education (MIUR-Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Lazio ).


  • Workshops in Acting and Text Analysis at the «Actors In Motion» School Munich, Germany (2004/2005).
  • Drama teacher at PICCOLA ACCADEMIA «L’ARTE DI CREARE» GIANNI RODARI, Youngsters Academy of Performing Arts organised by the Association Arte Spettacolo & Didattica, in collaboration with Municipality Roma XVI, the High School Liceo Classico E. Montale and the patronage of the Rodari family.
  • Coaching of young actors in the film ‘Brenda e Plotino’, directed by Giorgio Molteni (2000).
  • Workshop: ‘System and Method, the Actor’s Score, Rehearsing as Flying’, at the 1st International Festival of Making Theatre, organized by the Theatre of Changes, Athens (July 2005).

Works directed: