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Giorgina Cantalini

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Giorgina Cantalini, graduated ‘actress’ (first level degree) from the Italian National Drama School «Silvio D’Amico», has worked either in theatre, either in cinema and television with the following directors: Gabriele Lavia, Giancarlo Nanni, Lorenzo Salveti, Gianfranco De Bosio, Angelo Longoni, Guglielmo Ferro, Marco Lucchesi, Fabrizio Costa and others; and along side actors such as: Arnoldo Foà, Umberto Orsini, Franco Branciaroli, Manuela Kustermann, Antonella Steni, Antonio Catania, Giuseppe Pambieri.

Here it is a short list of some of the roles she has played professionally: Dido from Virgil's 'Aeneid'; Edith Piaf; lady Anna from ‘Richard the III’, Bianca from ‘Othello’, Juliet from ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the three by W. Shakespeare; Elena Vanan from the Italian play ‘Corruption at the Justice Palace’ by Ugo Betti; Margot Frank from ‘The diary of Anne Frank’ by G. Goldrich and A. Hackett based on the homonymous diary; Little Prince from the novel ‘The little prince’ by A. de Saint-Exupéry adapted for stage; Donna Florida from ‘The war’ by Carlo Goldoni, Kätchen Von Heilbronn from the play ‘Das Kätchen Von Heilbronn’ by H. V. Kleist.

Further acting studies in Europe and in the States: with Arthur Penn, at that time director of the «Actors’ Studio» of New York, Susan Batson, Elizabeth Kemp, Marilyn Fried and Geraldine Baron, members of the «Actors’ Studio», from whom she learnt the fundamentals of the American school of acting, commonly called the “Method”, or the “Work”, based among the others on Lee Strasberg’s technique.
In 2003 she studied with the Russian director Anatolij Vasil’ev and studied in depth dramatic composition analysis and physical actions, aspects of the Russian school in the Stanislavskijan tradition.
Movement and dance studies with: movement, Angelo Corti and Marise Flach (mime), Elsa Piperno and Stefano Valentini (Graham), Teri J. Weikel (Limon and Feldenkrais), Monica Vannucchi (Laban); voice with Iva Formigoni and with Kristin Linklater.

She graduated in 2003 with a second level degree, the equivalent of a Master, in ‘Drama Teaching and Pedagogy’, at the Italian National Drama School «Silvio D’Amico» (acceptance to the course was through an exam and qualifications points system). Then she graduated in 2008 in Linguistics (first level degree BA) with a thesis on Phonology of the Intonation (maximum mark and honours) and finally in 2011 in Linguistics (second level degree MA) with a thesis on Reported speech (maximum mark and honours).

She speaks Italian, English, French. She understands German (Threshold level).